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Consultation with experienced Ayurvedic doctors

Ayurvedic Treatments that cure the root and not just the Symptoms

Sai Chhaya Clinic targets the root cause of disease

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Consult our trusted & experienced Ayurvedic doctors for better health and wellbeing. 100% private & free online consultation for Indian Residents.

Our Mission

Sai Chhaya having Mission to produce and market Ayurvedic specialties which are cost-effective and ensure customer satisfaction. To provide high quality patient care through Ayurvedic science.


To pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of Ayurvedic science. With sheer dedication, scientific approach, astute planning and realism, we are poised to write a new success story for the world.


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Who We Are

Heal your mind and body with our treatments. We, Sai Chhaya Multispeciality Ayurved Clinic and Panchakarma Centre situated at Govind Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra, and our objective is making people's lives happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic therapy. By offering the most indulgent ayurvedic service and by setting the highest standards in quality of products & services in all its centres, we have earned the trust and confidence of a large number of customers globally.

Sai Chhaya one of its kind of an Ayurvedic clinic

  • Consultation with experienced Ayurvedic doctors
  • Professional and Experienced Therapists
  • Combination of contemporary research and ancient knowledge to deliver the best results

The Ayurvedic Institute

At Sai Chhaya you get to interact with Ayurvedic doctors who have a significant experience of serving patients. We provide Ayurvedic treatments that are thoroughly tested and analysed. The best part is that the therapies are provided by trained and experienced therapists under the supervision of our expert Ayurvedic consultants. According to Ayurveda, absence of disease is not enough to indicate good health. True health refers to wellness of body as well as mind. The Ayurvedic treatments offered at Sai Chhaya clinic are strictly based on this principle and hence we take into consideration every patient’s mental health while treating physical illness. The Ayurvedic treatments are designed in such a way that one feels tremendous mental satisfaction along with relief of physical ailments. The overall experience is very professional and therapeutic, making Sai Chhaya one of the best Ayurvedic clinics.



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Ruchita Sharma

Their ayurvedic treatment for paralysis is extremely effective.

Somil Gada

I would be forever thankful to them for helping me get ride of my migraine .

Preeti Singh

I would be thankful to them for helping me get rid of my migraine completely